Karlovo Way Park – We’re on your way!

Karlovo – a wonderful city, full of history and Bulgarian spirit. Favorite for many Bulgarian and foreign tourists. A city that lacks nothing but… SHOPPING. Well, at least it was until now. Karlovo Way Park is the new shopping place in Karlovo, uniting a commercial mix of world-famous tenants new to the area.

And since our main goal was not just to create a brand and another retail, but to create a user experience, we will introduce you to all the advantages that we took into account during the development of the project.


We all know that the most important thing for any retail park is its location. Inspired by our choice of a key and communicative place – the sub-Balkan road Sofia – Burgas, at the entrance to the city of Karlovo, from the direction – the city of Sopot, we chose the slogan – We are on your way! It’s simple – wherever you go, you will easily reach us.

And when we talk about the COMMERCIAL MIX

We have selected the best. The shops that you will find in Karlovo Way Park are world-famous brands that are entering Karlovo for the first time. No longer will you have to jump to the big city to shop from them because they come to you. Billa, Lilly, Pepco, Sinsay, Technomarket – they are here, and for you! And very soon we will complete our family with more of your favorite brands.


Until that moment, Karlovo had everything, without a shopping point. This was our main mission – to create a new and modern point for the city’s citizens and to give them their favorite shopping and experience.


We know how important convenience is for it, that’s why we have taken care to provide 146 parking spaces, distributed over two levels. And when we talk about level… it was important for us to create not just SHOPPING on a level, but SHOPPING ON TWO LEVELS.

Karlovo Way Park is the only retail park in the region that is located on two levels. And this makes shopping even more convenient.

And so… Karlovo Way Park succeeded in its task – to create an experience that was impossible until now. It’s time for your task, and it’s just to enjoy shopping and spending time in Karlovo Way Park.