The new shopping and modern point in the city

When it comes to conquering peaks in Stara Planina, perhaps Karlovo is one of the most convenient locations from which to start your trip to a peak. In addition to the Balkan roads, from Karlovo you will now be able to conquer all the shopping peaks thanks to the new hot location in the city, namely Karlovo Way Park.

Bringing together well-known international and domestic brands, the retail park will become your favorite shopping destination on weekdays and holidays. A destination that you will be able to visit alone or with the whole family to discover a new find or simply to buy everything from your shopping list.

And if until now you have found shopping boring, due to the limited choice, Karlovo Way Park will completely change your ideas and attitudes about it. Whether it’s fashion, accessories, home decor, appliances, or groceries. Everything is collected, conveniently, in one single location, so that you can enjoy every moment of shopping and it will become a favorite activity that brings you nothing but pleasure.

We won’t be surprised if the phrase “I’m shopping!” becomes a permanent part of your vocabulary.

It’s time to give free rein to your desires and imagination. Rediscover the shopping with the new and modern point of the city – Karlovo Way Park.