New Year with a new look from Karlovo Way Park

The new year is a time for new hobbies and new goals. This is also the time to refresh our style and feel more modern and attractive. Karlovo Way Park is where we can find everything we need to create our perfect look and shine through the new days.

For the ladies


Dresses are one of the most feminine and diverse items in a woman’s wardrobe. They can be combined with different accessories and make you feel more confident. Experiment and express yourself with a dress from the Sinsay store.

Sinsay store

Delicate cuts

Delicate cuts are those that emphasize the best features of the body. They are stylish, comfortable and elegant. Diversify your wardrobe with a women’s shirt from the Pepco store.

Pepco store

Shoes with a pointed heel

Pointed-toe heels are at the heart of this year as well. They are a classic and elegant shoe style suitable for any occasion. In the TendenZ store, you will find a variety of stylish shoes for every occasion.

TendenZ store

For men

Clean look

A clean look for men’s fashion is characterized by simplicity, elegance, and functionality. Combine with a classic men’s shirt from the Sinsay store.

Sinsay store

Sports bottoms

Men’s sports bottoms are an indispensable part of every man’s wardrobe. Comfortable and practical, from sports to everyday life. In the Pepco store, you will find a wide range of sports bottoms.

Pepco store

Classic white sneakers

White sneakers are one of the most versatile and practical shoes that anyone can have in their wardrobe. From sports to formal events, they add confidence and style. Check out the TendenZ store offers.

TendenZ store

For children

Colorful motifs

Colorful patterned clothes for kids are a great way to add joy and fun to your child’s wardrobe. Find everything you need for your child’s style in the Sinsay store.

Sinsay store

Karlovo Way Park is where you can find everything you need to create your perfect look during the new year. We are waiting for you. We are on your way!